Crimean Album: Stories of Human Rights Defenders

This book contains evidence and memoirs of Crimean human rights activists, their work experience before and after the occupation. There are twenty personal stories about the past, present and future of people, who continue to fight for the protection of human rights in Crimea even after losing their home, as well as those, who oppose reprisals living under the occupation.

These are stories of Olha Anoshkina, Eskender Bariyev, Mykhailo Batrak, Oleksandra Dvoretska, Abdureshyt Dzepparov, Lilia Hemedzhy, Serhiy Zayets, Synaver Kadyrov, Emil Kurbedinov, Alyona Luniova, Roman Martynovsky, Ruslan Nechyporuk, Valentyna Potapova, Anna Rassmakhina, Darya Svyrydova, Olha Skrypnyk and Vissarion Aseyev, Iryna Sedova and Oleksandr Sedov, Tamila Tasheva, Maria Sulialina, Volodymyr Chekryhin. The book is intended for a wide audience.

The book was published with the support of the Human Rights House Foundation (Oslo, Norway) within the framework of the joint project of the Human Rights Information Centre (member of the Crimean Human Rights House) and the Human Rights House Zagreb (Croatia) “Human Rights Defenders: Standards, Memoirs, Evidence”, which is implemented thanks to financial support from the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The views and opinions expressed in this book are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of the Government of Norway.

Authors: Iryna Vyrtosu